2014 - Attack Of the Mutant 50ft Kebab
And so to the 2014, and after much tweaking and perfecting, the band have finished their latest album 'Attack Of The Mutant 50ft Kebab'- their first new album for nine years. Tommy's influence for the new songs stemmed from his infamous fascination with science and horror films, and he likens the album to a 'Fifties B-Movie' for the ears.
Proud to note how Space have always stood out from the 'normal,' Tommy concedes that their latest album has the usual signature Space quirkiness, with some extra ingredients added to the mix - he describes the songs as a mish-mash of SKA, Punk and the classic Space sound. "When we tour, we love  playing the old stuff, but I always knew I wanted to record some new material. We know the fans like to hear the old classics from our multi-million selling albums 'Spiders' and 'Tin Planet', but we wanted to give them something extra."
"The title track on the album is my favourite song, and is the story of how a fifty foot kebab from a side street takeaway shop wreaks  its revenge on the ailing high street. It's a message about survival in a tongue-in-cheek way. We'll be releasing our first single from this album in January 2014, a track called 'Fortune Teller' - keeping up with the mystic vibe!"
The band have already previewed some of the new songs on their last tour, and although they went down a storm with fans, Tommy admits the recording of the album took longer than expected "because I'm such a perfectionist."
With a forthcoming tour to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Space that starts with a warm up tour in  Oct to 2013 and picks up again in March 2014 with a string of shows with double headliners Republica and a number of festival appearances the band are excited about going back on the road. "It will be great to see all of the loyal Space fans who have supported us for years, and we've also noticed that we have a lot of younger fans out there who are just getting into our music. Now that the album is finished we can't wait to get out there to perform the songs,  and let everyone hear them in their full glory. As a band, Space have never been better."