A recording/Mix engineer, record producer and self professed musical facilitator based in east London.

Born in Camden town to active Trotskyist parents and raised on a diet of pre regeneration Camden Lock, elusive Jamaican vinyl, warehouse parties and the failing ILEA education system.

While questing vinyl gems he rooted in mid 80s New York and served time in Arthur Bakers Shakedown studio, Tony Arfis home of hip hop Powerplay studios and Brooklyns reggae production line Living room studios.

Residing in a five floor walk up on the next block from Arthur Russell, elbowing past William Burroughs at the bar of the Pyramid club and ambivalently watching Larry Levans sets at the Paradise garage Dilip remained true to his blinkered London roots, only absorbing those people & their pioneering works by the tangible cultural Osmosis of the East Village of the 1980s. He chose instead to fraternise Coxsone Dodds Fulton street, Brooklyn studio.

Lured back to London by rumours of a major record deal for Hackneys Soul 2 Soul sound system Dilip linked up with the emerging Talking Loud label to co produce UK Souls lost classic Young Disciples' "Road to Freedom" LP in 1990................

More as it happens..........