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The highly respected classical label was formed in 1989 and was owned and operated by Windsong International/Pinnacle Entertainment in association with ‘Harper Collins’.

The majority of the recordings released through the label were made by the top London orchestras – specifically the London Philharmonic, London Symphony and Consort of London - either at the world famous Abbey Road studios or at leading live venues around the world.

Covering a wide range of classics from Bach to Britten and Shostakovich to Sibelius, the label’s 300+ titles form a small but important part of recorded music history.Artists who recorded for the label included Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Duke Quartet, choral group the Sixteen, Harry Christophers and Joanna MacGregor.

During its nine year history, the label developed a reputation for finding niches in the classical market place. One of its most successful releases ‘The Sixteen’s recordings of Baroque works’ by Portuguese composer Antonio Teixeria sold approximately 25,000 units worldwide.

This was alongside seminal works by British composer John Tavener and Maxwell Davies.Phoenix Music International acquired the rights to the entire catalogue through its acquisition of Pinnacle Entertainment Ltd in 2009.For any licensing enquiries please contact John Carnell on

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